Disc Golf With an Only MVP Bag

My first brand selected for my brand exclusive bag test was MVP. I have always liked MVP since I first tried the Anode and Axis several years ago, but have only "bagged" the new Inspire Distance driver.  Now that they have the full spectrum of available disc types, I was excited to try "MVP" only.

My MVP bag includes all the MVP discs currently on the market with the exception of the Volt and the Switch.

For the most part, my MVP only experiment has gone very successfully, and I absolutely could survive a disc golf tournament with nothing but MVP. If results from recorded rounds are an indication of good discs, then MVP is already a winner.

At the two courses where I'm testing, my Average MVP score is better than my average mixed bag. While a lot of this might just be do to the fact that I've been playing better golf in the last week, there really might be something to the consistency of the discs made by MVP.

What I Like Best about MVP Discs
The thing I like most about MVP golf discs is that they all have flat tops and are excellent for flicking. My forehand has been substantially more consistent since switching to MVP. The neutron plastic drivers all have consistent flat tops, and not so much grip that they slip out of my hand.

The Motion is perfect for those dog leg right shots. The Tesla is superb for long forehand bombs, and I really like the Resistor too for dog leg right drives that aren't quite as long. The Tensor is also a great disc for forehand approach shots.

Up until now, I thought that the Discraft Flick was the only disc consistent enough for me to like as my "in the bag" flick shot. I have my super old, super beat in Flick for the long drives, and my newer Flick for the strategic fades. The Motion and Tesla work as suitable replacements, right out of the box. This is great news for me, especially if I ever lose my "understable" Flick.

Where MVP Only Leaves Me Wanting
There are a couple of areas where I am left wanting by throwing only MVP. First, I don't like either the Anode or Ion as a driving putter. The rims are too deep on these discs as a driving putter for me and I have problems releasing them on time. Now, if I considered Axiom Discs as part of my MVP bag, then I think this gap would be filled as I am a big fan of the Envy as a driving putter. While I like the Anode most of the time for my approach shots, I do miss my grippy Vibram putters at times. Proton Soft is somewhat soft and grippy, but it doesn't give me that feel I get with my fan grip anhzyer approach shots with my Vibram Summit. Also, for putting purposes, the hard MVP rim really doesn't seem to grip chains quite as well as softer putters.

The other area I struggle with is that none of the discs are, at least in the weights I have and right out of the box are "understable enough." When I'm looking for a right turning drive, I can't get with MVP right now what I get out of my Latitude 64 River and my Discraft Avenger SS. Perhaps as these discs beat in a little more, that problem will be solved. It might also help if I had the Switch to throw as it's supposed to be the most understable of the MVP fairway drivers.

While I love the Inertia for backhand drives, occasionally it slips out of my hand a little to early. I typically like grippier drivers for backhand throws. It's the middle of summer, and really hot right now, but the lack of grip provided by MVP might really have some adverse consequences for cold wet winter play.

MVP Discs I Could Live With Out
During my test rounds, I found all sorts of shots where I wanted to use the different MVP discs. The only disc I found to be pretty worthless is the Vector. For the overstable midrange spot, I just like the Tensor better, and so rarely pulled out the Vector.

Deep in the Game tour: Icelandic adventures

The Discmania Deep in the Game Disc Golf instructional clinic series travels to the beautiful country of Iceland as Avery, Simon and Greg continue on their 2014 world tour! It’s a highly sought after destination that has an increasing Disc Golf community of players installing close to a dozen Disc Golf Courses throughout the country in the next 2-years making it an excellent location for a Deep in the Game tour stop. As the player base grows there’s a higher demand for proper Disc Golf Instruction as a benefit to a developing players looking to take their games to the next level.

There will also be lots of public media opportunities with several live interviews with local newspaper, internet and television stations to better promote Disc Golf to the citizens of Reykjavik, Iceland and the surrounding cities. These clinics are open for all players to attend with no participant maximum to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to take part in these events.


The Iceland Deep in the Game Tour Schedule:

July 22nd 20:00 – Introduction to Disc Golf in Iceland and Showcase Disc Golf Rounds

July 23rd 16-18 – Deep in the Game Putting and Approach Clinic

July 23rd 20-22 – Deep in the Game Driving Clinic

July 24th 19-21 – Deep in the Game Driving Clinic

July 25th 19:00 – Showcase Disc Golf Round at Gufunes Disc Golf Course

This trip to Iceland should provide great prospective of the growth of Disc Golf not only in Europe but in areas of the world, not yet that well known for establishing this great sport. It should be interesting adventure to the north where the Summer Sun remains high in the sky and where Disc Golf can be played at any time of day. It should provide another great Disc Golf adventure for the Discmania Deep in the Game crew as their world tour continues!

The Daily Grind

Not much to say that I didn't in the video - but I thought it would be an interesting experiment to shoot a bit of my daily routine and try a little voice over.

And of course the intro is a nod to CCDG!

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